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exacticide electric power dust application tool for pest control
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Prevent Pest Re-Infestation
With Exacticide

The Exacticide battery powered duster applies a foundation of dust and fine granules efficiently and effectively. Your client will never experience another pest re-infestation. Dust and fine granules are the pivotal point in any pest treatment protocol. Many green pest control programs begin with dust and fine granules, adding heat, freeze, or steam treatments for complete control.
Whether your targeting; ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, termites, or other pests with your dust application, you will need to leave an effective residual treatment to prevent re-infestation. Remember for eradication and prevention, dust is a must. To dust like a pro, use the Exacticide power dust applicator.

Bed Bug Dust Treatment Equipment

Dust bed bug treatments with the Exacticide power duster and carpet dust applicator are stopping the bed bugs bite for pest professionals all across the country.

“It is the number one tool in our bed bug program.”
Steve Peltier, Steve’s Pest Management

Apply Bait In Hard To Reach Areas
With Tech-Reach Bait Pro

Stop wasting bait and avoiding hard to reach application sites! The Tech-Reach Bait Pro bait applicator is a fantastic new tool that gives technician's the ability to reach far above, behind and around customer's items. No bait is wasted because the bait tube attaches on the end of the 24" extension.

Techni-Baiter, The Most Efficient
Rodent Baiting System

We've reinvented the mouse trap! Eliminate technician fatigue and improve team morale. Each Techni-Baiter rodent bait station takes half as much time to service as traditional bait stations, which means you can double your profits without doubling time spent working.


Our customers are raving fans. If you don’t feel the same, you can return it for a full refund within the first 30 days!

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