New! Webster Dust Applicator - Manifold & Hose

Dust is injected from the Exacticide into the 6 manifold ports, evenly distributed in the Webster. This gives the applicator the ability to perform two tasks at once: cleaning webs and leaving behind a dust residual at the same time.
The manifold comes attached to a 6ft hose, which can be extended for additional length by attaching extension hoses. Extension hoses for longer poles are not included unless selected.
The manifold can be removed from the Webster and reused with a number of Websters; if your Webster head needs to be replaced, just detach the manifold and attach it to your new Webster. View the video below to see how this works:

Designed to work well with the Exacticide Remote, as shown in the video.

This great pesticide dust applicator tool can also be used for bedbugs at wall ceiling junctions as well as brushing dust into fabrics, i.e. mattresses, drapes etc.
Due to the nature of the application, it is recommended to use FIFRA 25B insecticides approved for web dusting.

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