Silicone Lubricant Not Regular WD-40

  • Silicone Lubricant: Now available at our online Store
  • Lubicate Daily to insure longivity. How to use: At the end if each day invert the Exacticide into the same position you used to install the canister, while inverted insert the application tip in to a void or crack of target pest harborage and sqeeze the trigger. This will allow only air to blow throw the system and clear the impeller. Then remove the canister and spray one blast of lubricant. Finally run the unit to bath the impeller.
  • Lubricate the Air Pump Piston Bearing: Spray one blast of Lubricate once monthly into port at the bottom of the Exacticide or if the air pump is making a raspy sound. The tip should penetrate aproximately ¾”

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