New! Exacticide Wireless Remote + Receiver Installation

*The remote installation requires your Exacticide to be sent into our shop* Price includes installation. 

We're excited to announce that there's officially a wireless remote option for the Exacticide duster! This is immensely helpful when you need to keep both hands on an extension pole, as well as in other situations. 

The remote is wireless, waterproof, and comes with a holder for mounting on a pole.

The Webster Dust Applicator featured in the video can be found by clicking here.

This installation option is for adding the remote to an Exacticide you already own. If you're planning to get a new Exacticide and want the remote to come with it, please select the "Add a Remote" option on the new machine instead: Standard Kit, Deluxe Package

How does the remote work?

The remote communicates with the Exacticide through a receiver so you can press the button wherever it's most convenient (like on your extension pole) instead of pulling the Exacticide's trigger. It continues to allow the machine to be controlled with the trigger when needed. The remote can work with all Exacticide duster models, and each Exacticide needs its own receiver and remote.

To integrate the remote with an Exacticide you already have, you will need to briefly send in your machine to our shop so the receiver can be properly installed. 

I want the remote installed for my Exacticide! What do I need to do?

  1. Purchase the remote + installation here
  2. Print your invoice/receipt
  3. Put your Exacticide (no cases, batteries or accessories, please) and your invoice/receipt in a padded box, and send it to our shipping address listed below. 
  4. Once we receive your Exacticide, we will have the remote receiver installation completed within 1-3 business days.
  5. We'll send your Exacticide back to you with the installed receiver, remote, and holder. You will receive a notification and tracking number at that time so you can anticipate its arrival.
  6. Enjoy using your Exacticide with your wireless remote!

Shipping Address:

104 E 600 S Suite 531 Heber City, UT 84032

You may use the shipping method of your choice to send your Exacticide to our shop for the remote's receiver installation; please send only the Exacticide without the case, battery, or accessories. The shipping charge included in your online purchase is for sending the unit back to you with the remote and holder after the installation is complete.

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