Techni-Baiter Rodent bait and trap station. Sold by the case.

Sold in a case of 4.  List price = case of 4



Technicide is proud to announce that we literally reinvented the mouse trap with the Techni-Baiter rodent bait station: the new-age rodent bait station.

  • 15-20 seconds routine service time for each rodent bait station.
  • Key connects to the end of an extension pole or threaded broomstick for easy access.
  • 4 compartments for bait: 1 exposed to the rodent, and 3 airtight for easy bait storage & replacement - simply use the pole to unlock, lift, rotate, and re-lock the bait station to expose fresh bait.
  • Each rat and mouse bait station is serviced from a standing position.
  • Eliminates the physical fatigue from bending, squatting, (Mountain Daylight Time)" } and kneeling.
  • Accommodates snap traps for non-baiting strategies.  
  • Reduces labor cost by 75%.
  • Eliminates the dreadful anticipation of servicing standard rodent stations.  
  • Improves pest control technician morale. 

This is a popular solution for farms, universities, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other facilities where maintaining a large number of rodent bait stations is typically time-consuming or burdensome.

For servicing the stations, we recommend this 2-5 ft  Extension Pole.

Looking for more?
The Techni-Baiter is available for bulk orders of 1/2 a pallet, 1 pallet or more (1 pallet = 160 bait stations).Please email to request a quote, stating the number of stations/pallets desired and the size of the custom print (if applicable).



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