Myth Busted

It is unwise to pay too much, but it is more unwise to pay too little. When you pay too much you lose a little money - that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought too do.  - John Ruskin

Make every dollar count

Myth Busted!
There is a common belief or a myth, if you will, that the Exacticide battery powered duster is too expensive. Therefore a number of operators are missing out on the huge PROFIT POTENTIAL that the Exacticide brings to the table.

Many people, who have never used it, have perpetuated the myth that the Exacticide is too expensive. Those who own the Exacticide were once fellow believers of this myth, until they used the Exacticide for the first time. All it took was one time, and the myth was "BUSTED". In fact, they now say that they couldn’t imagine doing pest control without it and the only thing expensive is not having it.

This similar awakening occurred to other industries, like the Carpenter, Plumber, Gardener etc.
Non-powered hand tools cost you time, effectiveness, and put strain on the operator. Consider the following:
Q: Does the carpenter build a house with a crosscut hand saw?  
A: No, not any more. The job would take too long, and being competitive would be impossible.
What is your time worth? Carpenters using power tools will spend far less labor time, and create more accurate cuts; therefore they will make more money per hour.
Who would you hire as the builder for your next project? The guy using a hand crosscut saw or a power circular saw?
The plumber has electronic leak detection equipment, snake cameras and listening devices to quickly locate the leak area. This saves a large amount of time and costly probing.  The gardener uses power mower not a push mower. 

Is the Pest Control Technician less of a professional than the carpenter, plumber or gardener? No!
Sure, power equipment usually comes with a higher up price tag, but they pay off the investment many times over.  

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All Technicide Equipment is literally FREE to you because it has the power to more than double your initial investment every month, when you convert to it’s advanced technology. Convert from hand duster’s that are slow, clumsy, ineffective, and limited to your arms length. Leave behind liquids and sprays that have unreliable knock down, and limited residual. Instead, convert to dusts, granules and baits that work and have less impact on the environment. Consider what has happened to pyrethroids due to broadcast applications.
Users say that the only thing expensive associated with the Exacticide that is not having it and spending 75% more on labor and paying 90% more for chemical’s associated with traditional methods. How much money are you losing each month. Here is a quick sample.
One Exacticide used to its full potential will saving you $14,400.00 per year. That is a fantastic ROI. If you have 40 techs, you are looking at an investment of $18,000.00. Expect a return on investment in two months of $24,000 on labor savings alone. Chemical savings is not include in this scenario, which will be 90-95% less than what you are currently spending.  The $24,000 Plus chemical savings will duplicate every month. Your annual return on investment would be approximately $264,000.00* on an $18,000.00 investment in 12 months. This example, shows profits that are calculated based on the time gained by switching from traditional hand dusters and sprayers to the multi-functional Exacticide, using dust and granules as a replacement. You can also factor in the savings that will come from discontinued  use of other devices, as well as the maintenance associated with them. You will also practically eliminate the need to carry ladders to help one reach target areas.
* The above ROI reported here is based on a highly conservative number to show a below average ROI. Most companies report a number double this. This example was calculated using 6 jobs per day, 1 hour per stop, and a total labor cost of $20.00 per hour. 

Invest in a product that is un-matched in the Pest Management industry. Invest in the Exacticide. 

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Note: Technicide continues to strive to keep manufacturing cost down. We held our price for 5 years, while our material cost went up. #1 Our focus is on insuring our customers will continue to say" Technicide makes the best equipment in the industry. #2 Focus is on delivering it at the lowest price possible. 

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