5 Vital steps to Cockroach eradication

Oct 07, 2014

German Cockroaches


Here are 5 vital steps you should follow in order to eradicate German Cockroaches:

  1. Identify the problem areas by collecting Intel from the client and staff and create a map of the problem areas.
  2. Look for signs of harborage. i.e. the presence of what are known as shell casings. These are egg cases from recently hatched cockroaches, and are small dark brown oval-shaped casings. Another common sign is dark specks. These dark-colored specks are fecal pellets and regurgitated food, and look like grains of ground pepper. Add this intel to your map.
  3. Using the Exacticide apply a small amount of pyrethrum based dust to flush and verify current activity.  
  4. Using your map, devise a plan of action. This plan may include a 2nd treatment with in 10 days. Using the power and versatility of the Exacticide, treat thoroughly with a residual dust the areas marked on your map. Pay close attention to wall voids. The Exacticide will allow deep harborage penetration. Once the wall voids are treated move on to the equipment non-food area voids, i.e. ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. Using the precision flow control dial, back off the power and treat the cracks and crevices. Depending on the level of infestation follow and retreat in 10 days. 
  5. Final step using the Tech-Reach Bait Pro, bait infested area's with roach bait gel. This is a measure of insurance in a layered protocol approach.   

     Following these steps will enable you to have success in eliminating German Cockroaches.

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