Scroll down for help selecting the right Exacticide package for you.

Whether you're looking into your first Exacticide or wanting to add to your collection, we have a solution for you. To assist your shopping experience, here is a brief overview of the Exacticide package options:
The Exacticide "Legacy Entry Model" is a great option for getting started. The kit provides everything you'll need to begin using your Exacticide. However, this is our older model and does not allow you to adjust the amount of dust used for each job. If you would like to adjust the dust flow, please look into our Precision Flow Control (PFC) models. Despite that, it still holds its ground as a more effective product than the others on the market, and we offer a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee so you can try it out, risk free.

The Exacticide PFC Complete Kit is our most popular option. This provides the same tools and Satisfaction Guarantee as the "Legacy Entry Model," but with the addition of the Precision Flow Control (PFC) needed to use only the amount of dust necessary for each job. As our most popularly purchased option, you can select this product with the peace of mind that many other businesses are seeing great results with it, and you will too.

The Exacticide PFC Deluxe Package is the best option if you don't want to worry about running out of power on the job. It includes everything in the Complete Kit and the Satisfaction Guarantee, plus an extra battery at 50% off the normal price. Many Exacticide users come back for an additional battery soon after beginning to use their Exacticide, so we offer this great deal to save you even more time and money upfront.

All Exacticides have a payment plan option for qualified individuals. The option is found at check out, below the credit card entry form.

All Exacticides will arrive in a case with their listed battery, wand, and canister accessories, as displayed. Additional and replacement accessories are also available for purchase.


techni-baiter rodent bait station
The worlds best rodent bait station for pest control professionals.
  • 16 seconds routine service time for each station.
  • Eliminates the physical fatigue from bending, squatting and kneeling.
  • Each Station is serviced from a standing position.
  • Accommodates snap traps for non-baiting strategies.
  • Reduces labor cost by 75%.
  • Eliminates the dreadful anticipation of servicing standard stations.
  • Improves Technician morale.
$124.00/box of 8

Tech-Reach Bait Pro

techreach pro bait gun extension
Our bait gun extension extends your reach and eliminates wasted bait.
  • 24" reach
  • Gives you the ability to Reach far behind customers products, higher and lower than ever before with ease.
  • If you can't reach, you can't treat properly.
Starting at $49.00

Pest Treatment Attachments

"New" Direct Connect Adapter

exacticide pest control electric power duster car charger
  • Direct connect adapter for Chemical Manufactures original bottle.
  • This adapter saves time and possible spillage
  • It also eliminates the need to transfer the label to our canister.

"New" Webster Dust Applicator

exacticide pest control electric power duster car charger
  • Dust is injected from 6 ports evenly distributed in the Webster head.
  • ($38.00 Webster by it self). ($49.00Webster with the pole.)

"New" Battery Powered Carpet Applicator

exacticide carpet applicator
  • This Carpet Applicator drives dust deep down into carpet fibers.
  • The latest bed bug eliminating technology.
Starting at $139.00

Select Future Pay at check out (below the credit card entry form) and pay as little as $25/month!

Paint Brush Applicator

bed bug paint brush applicator
  • Paint dust into the edges of the mattress.


Torch Light With Mount

exacticide pest control electric power duster car charger
  • Powerful torch light mounts to your Exacticide wand and Tech-Reach extension.
  • Now you can have a powerful light with your hands free.

2-5ft Pole with 6ft Extension Hose

2 5 foot poles and 6 foot extension hose
  • 6ft hose extension with hose connector.
  • 2-5ft Telescopic Pole.
  • Reach the eaves of a home with ease.
  • Great for hard to reach places both Commercial and Residential jobs.

7-24ft telescopic extension poles

2 5 foot poles and 6 foot extension hose
  • Multi-purpose 7-24ft telescopic extension pole
  • Ideal for use with the Exacticide Bee/Wasp Extension kit item E-32.
  • Each pole is provided with a comfortable non-slip safety grip.

18ft Additional Extension Hose

18ft extension hose for power duster
  • 18ft additional hose extension.

6ft Additional Extension Hose

6 foot hose extension kit
  • 6ft additional hose extension with hose connector.
  • You can purchase additional 6ft hose extensions to reach even higher. With a pole tall enough, you can reach up to 40ft and have continued flow from the Exacticide.

Fiber Pole

exacticide fiber pole flashlight holder extension kit
  • 2ft Fiber Pole
  • 6ft Hose Extension
  • Flashlight Holder
Starting at $28.00

Car Charger

exacticide car charger
  • Additional Makita type 9.6V Battery.
  • Never be left without a fresh battery.
  • Plugs into your car’s power outlet for quick charges on the go.

Additional Battery

exacticide battery
  • Additional Makita type 9.6V Battery.
  • Makita type battery. Charges in 50 minutes and lasts all day long!
  • This product can be purchased as an additional battery or a replacement for the Exacticide.

NEW! Exacticide Carrying Case

exacticide carrying case
  • Keep your Exacticide and accessories organized with this heavy-duty carrying case and look professional at each and every job.
  • For replacement. The Exacticide comes in a carrying case.

Additional Charger

additional exacticide charger
  • Charge your Makita type battery in 50 minutes with the charger.
  • Plugs into any 110V outlet.

4 Pack Of Canisters

technicide canisters
  • Save time by pre-filling your canisters at the shop prior to going out to work.
  • Clear View 6 oz Canister.
  • Pack of 4 Canisters.

10 Pack of Wands

10 extension wands for exacticide
  • 12 Inch Wand
  • Make sure you have plenty of back up wands for your job.

Wand Extender (5 Pack)

dust applicator wand extension
  • 12" Wand extender (5 per Set)
  • This allows you to add a foot of length to the standard applicator wand that comes with the unit.

Exacticide Belt Hook

pest control duster belt hook
  • Taking the Exacticide along with you is easy with this belt hook. It is comfortable and easy to attach to any belt. The unit easily slides into the hook allowing you to be hands free when you need to be.
  • Never be without a place to put down your Exacticide. Carry it on your belt with the easy to use Monster Hook.
  • Easily mounts to any belt and gives you full use of your hands.