Positively a Must!

December 16, 2018

Positively a Must!

    In order to eradicate a BED BUG infestation, you need the right formula and the absolute best way to implement it. There are a lot of proposed solutions out there all claiming to be the silver bullet! Some are better than others, but nothing is better than the gimmick free, tried and true combo, I am about to share with you. 

    Heat works quite well, but what protection is left when the heat is gone? Steam and freezing has the same short fall. And what about liquid toxins? The data has been dismal at best. Dust? Now we are getting somewhere. The data on dust is indisputable. You have heard of “Silica Gel dust” it is a desiccant, and bed bugs have no defense mechanism against it. It is light and fluffy and when applied with the Exacticide duster it becomes statically charged and sticks to the insect.

    Mortality 100% is guaranteed once adhered to the Bed Bug. Dust is typically considered hard to apply and in addition, time consuming. Well, times have changed since the Exacticide duster entered the industry. The Exacticide is positively a must for eliminating Bed Bugs, and Silica Gel dust is its likely partner. CimeXa from Rockwell Labs offers it in its purest form.

    Look for our next newsletter for where and how to apply. Heads up! A new carpet applicator attachment is currently being developed for the Exacticide.

For Technical back-up see below article.
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     We recently invested a good sum of Money $$$ to perfect the already #1 tool "The EXACTICIDE." We have made it even better, while hearing from you that it is already great. We are committed to perfecting our products and we will not stop until we have achieve it. If you haven't tried the New Exacticide than you are really missing out!

“The Exacticide is awesome, I don’t know what I ever did without it. We have found that the Exacticide has cut our cost by 70%, plus it gives us continual flow of just the right amount of dust into voids, cracks, and crevices in a manner that other dusters could not.”
Best Pest Control in Mass. Ron

The Tech-Reach Bait Pro is genius! This little jewel improves baiting placement by allowing you to put bait in area's that were impossible to reach before. It makes you more effective. McGovern Consulting, Jeff McGovern 

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Techni-Baiter: Wow! hands down the product of the year!

The Tech-Reach Bait Pro

“This little jewel...makes bait gel application easy...allowing technicians to reach behind, above, and around customers items. No bait is wasted because the bait goes on the end of the extension, rarely a need for a ladder so time is saved, Thank you Technicide, you did it again!” 
                                 -Jeff McGovern

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