New Rodent Solution

Oct 14, 2014

Rodent Control with a permanent cash flow.

Just think for a moment; You have just landed a new client with a rodent problem that others could not control.  You want to do something different and bring a new solution to the table rather than relying only on usual remedies: bait stations, snap traps, glue boards. This new solution reduces the food source.  The new solution is Mint-X trash bags. Thats right, these proven trash bags with mint, mask the scent of the food source while repelling rodents.  Your customers will now pay you for their trash bags, since your trash bags service more than one purchase. These Trash Bags will improve your rodent control program as rodents are driven to your traps and bait stations.  Mint-X trash bags,  New permanent Cash Flow Stream! Order Now!

Mint-X Trash Bags: America's only proven raccoon and rodent repellent trash bags. Proven effective for thousands of commercial and residential customers. Mint treated, and the only patented EPA registered trash bag.  Your customers already buy trash bags why not increase your revenue by selling repellent Trash Bags that aid you in your Rodent Control program. It is a win, win. Order Now!


Check Out The latest and Greatest Exacticide!


We recently invested a substantial amount of Money $$$ to perfect the already #1 tool "TheEXACTICIDE". We have made it better while you have told us that it is already great. We are committed to perfection and we will not stop. 



“The Exacticide is awesome, I don’t know what I ever did without it. We have found that the Exacticide has cut our cost by 70%, plus it gives us continual flow of just the right amount of dust into voids, cracks, and crevices in a manner that other dusters could not.”

Best Pest Control in Mass. Ron

The "Tech-Reach Bait Pro" is used every day on our commercial kitchens, Apartments, Houses etc. For those hard to reach areas it is the best thing out there and not to mention you don't waste any bait like other reach devices. We use it as back-up insurance to Exacticide dusting.  Dwayne Ridgway   A Step Above Pest control & Termite


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New Product: 
The Tech-Reach Bait Pro

“This little jewel...makes bait gel application easy...allowing technicians to reach behind, above, and around customers items. No bait is wasted because the bait goes on the end of the extension, rarely a need for a ladder so time is saved, Thank you Technicide, you did it again!” 

                                 -Jeff McGovern


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