Guarantee for Success, 7th step to eradicate roaches

Step #7 Success starts with commitment. Help your team be committed as you offer strong Guarantees to your customers.

Strong guarantees will assure your customers that you are committed to their satisfaction. Give them reason to have confidence in you. Make sure to build your protocols around the guarantee, ensuring that you will deliver results. Here are some ideas to implement this step: 

A. Commit everyone in your team to the guarantees that you want to offer your customers. You may want to give your team special incentives in order to help them achieve your firms committed standard. 
B. Your strong guarantees will raise the commitment of each member of your team and improve their performance all across the board, as they strive to meet expectations.
C. Increased revenue will come your way, mostly in the form of new business. Also, you will increase profit as you are able to charge more for the quality service you are committed to provide. Plus your customer retention will improve.
D. Only offer one program and one set of guarantees. Please do not make the mistake of offering a low budget option. 

Sample Guarantee
I offered the following guarantee with great success during the 28 years that I owned my Pest Elimination company. 

1. The Customer pays nothing until existing infestation is eliminated. 
2. If a roach or rodent is sighted while under a service contract, we will return within 24hrs of notice and eliminate the problem or the service for the entire month is free. 
3. If a patron of our customer, sees a roach/rodent while dining in our customers establishment, we would pay for their meal, write a letter of apology to the patron, and invite them back for an additional meal on us. 
"I never could have offered these guarantees without the Exacticide..." - Jim Harper, President Technicide

"I am 100% impressed with the Exacticide, The dust flow is incredible! The penetration is unbelievable!..."
-Pat Colalis, Magic Pest Control
"Doing a roach job without the Exacticide is like going to a gunfight with a butter knife.." -
Ryan Ridgley

Exactness is what we strive for. Exact Dust flow allows you to treat with exactly the right amount of dust and in exactly the right places. The "Exacticide" is exactly what you need.

Visit our video gallery to see the Exacticide and the Tech-Reach in action.



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