Bed bug answers

Sep 25, 2014

Bed Bugs 

Here are 4 vital steps to eradicate bed bugs:

  1. Positively identify the problem by looking for the signs indicative of bed bugs i.e. bites, blood spots on sheets and visual sightings. 

  2. Locate the bed bugs by looking at the following: mattress, box spring, headboard, dressers, sofas, fixtures, outlets and wall voids. 

  3. Treat with the Exacticide using a *Silica gel based dust in areas described in step 2. See PCT Magazine Article for research report Aug 2014 issue: "A Better Bed Bug Desiccant" to learn more about Silica Gel based dust.  

  4. Monitor by returning for an inspection with in 15 days. 

*Research shows it is more effective than liquids and a cheaper alternative other leading methods. The Exacticide makes all area's easily accessible with precision applications. 


We recently invested a boatload of Money $$$ to perfect the already #1 tool "The EXACTICIDE" We have made it better while you have told us that it is already great. "We are committed to perfection to ensure that we provide you the best, most effective tools in the industry and we will not stop." 


“The Exacticide is awesome, I don’t know what I ever did without it. We have found that the Exacticide has cut our cost by 70%, plus it gives us continual flow of just the right amount of dust into voids, cracks, and crevices in a manner that other dusters could not.”
Best Pest Control in Mass. Ron

The Tech-Reach Bait Pro is genius! This little jewel improves baiting placement by allowing you to put bait in area's that were impossible to reach before. It make you more effective.
Jeff Mcgovern 

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The Tech-Reach Bait Pro

“This little jewel...makes bait gel application easy...allowing technicians to reach behind, above, and around customers items. No bait is wasted because the bait goes on the end of the extension, rarely a need for a ladder so time is saved, Thank you Technicide, you did it again!” 
                                 -Jeff McGovern

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