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Technicide was founded in 1989 by Jim Harper, a third generation Pest Management Professional. 

Jim grew-up in the pest control industry riding along with his dad at a very young age. At 15, Jim’s responsibility in the family business was to maintain and repair the equipment. It was then that Jim built a truck mounted power rig that could slide out of the truck, allowing the truck to double as a family vehicle. Jim continued to bring his innovations to the family business and took the company to new heights. In 1985 the family decided to expand its services into the restaurant pest elimination market. Jim began designing more sophisticated equipment, the Injecticide and the Techniduster, to meet the service needs. 

Technicide Owner Jim Harper Outdoor Exacticide TreatmentWhen you combine Jim’s 33+ years of experience in pest management with his innovative mind and engineering skills, you get the finest tools ever developed for Pest Management Professionals. The Exacticide was developed in 2001 and is the only duster with its versatility and capabilities on the market. And although the name "Exacticide" has stayed the same, he has continued to improve it over the years. Technicide has served the Pest Control Industry for over 33 years. The first product was introduced in 1989. The current flag ship product Exacticide was introduced in 2001. Like all of Jim’s creations, the Exacticide is a multi-faceted pest eradication tool. It is so versatile that you literally can do the majority of your jobs from start to finish with it. Exacticide provides the most effective way to eradicate pests, while increasing your profit margin. Jim also created Tech-Reach Bait Pro and Techni-Baiter Rodent Station.

Technicide is proud that its customers are more than satisfied, they are “raving fans.”


Manufacturing Facility: Heber City, UT
E-mail: jim@technicide.com

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Our Story

We learned the hard way: Dust is a must!

One of the most difficult accounts is a commercial kitchen and when you have promised TOTAL pest eliminations or it is FREE, you had better deliver. My crew arrived at the account to take care of a German roaches infestation in the 10x10x10 dishwashing area. The standard protocol, at the time, was to spray all the cracks and crevices with a pyrethrum atomization machine, to flush the roaches and locate the problem areas. Once we sprayed the cracks with the pyrethrum hundreds of roaches would come running out, they were everywhere. We worked for two hours with two guys, roaches where falling from the ceiling. Finally, a residual was applied to the all the cracks and crevices and the job was finished for the night. The technicians left feeling that they had done a great job and the problem was eliminated. Seven days later a follow-up inspection was performed and nothing had changed. So the same process was repeated. Again, seven days later a follow-up inspection and nothing had changed. The same process was once again repeated. Seven days after that the lead technician returned for another inspection and low and behold nothing had changed. This technician remembered hearing the definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. He made a new game plan, and decided to drill holes in wall voids, and dust all cracks and crevices with the Exacticide, taking only 30 minutes. He returned seven days later and found 100% elimination. The account stayed pest free from then on. Dust is a must!


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