Wasp Control Treatment Equipment

Exacticide & Extension Hose kit

The Exacticide electric battery powered duster is the most innovative dust applicator available for wasp treatment. 

The Exacticide Extension Hose kit, makes treating wasps in high places easy! No need to drag your gear up a ladder, simply attach the hose extension kit to your Exacticide and you can reach up to two stories high! Unlike dusting sticks, the pole is light and rigid, and the flow is even and consistent. No need to make body gyrations to pump the dust up to the tip, the Exacticide does that all for you safely, effectively with continual flow. Choose Exacticide, and your jobs will be done quickly and professionally. 

Step one: Fill dust container with selected dust. Step two: Connect Extension hose to pole and Exacticide, then wrap hose around pole and secure hose clips to pole. Step Three: Extend pole out to reach desired height. Step Four: Use dial to set flow rate then point tip in the direction of the insect nest and squeeze trigger on the Exacticide to allow dust to flow. Step Five: Periodically rotate Exacticide to upside down position and continue squeezing the trigger to manage dust build up in the hose. Us this method at the end of the job to clear hose. 

Use Dust Mask and Gloves as with all dust applications.

Wasp Treatment Equipment