Silverfish Treatment

Silverfish Pest Control Treatment Equipment

Exacticide & Tech-Reach Bait Pro

The Exacticide electric battery powered duster is the most innovative dust and fine bait applicator available for silverfish pest control and treatment. This hand-held, battery powered dusting device efficiently applies both products with ease and extreme precision making silverfish killer treatments more effective than ever before.

The Tech-Reach Bait Pro bait gun extension is a fantastic new tool in the fight against silverfish. Our 24" inch bait gun extension gives technician's the ability to reach far above, behind and around obstacles to get deep into silverfish harborages. No bait is wasted because the bait tube attaches on the end of the 24" extension.

Silverfish Treatment Equipment

Exacticide PFC Standard Kit
Exacticide PFC Standard Kit from $640.00 $763.67
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