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Bait Stations For Rats & Mice

Techni-Baiter: The World's Most Effective Rodent Bait Station

Technicide reinvented the mouse trap! Technicide reinvented the mouse trap! Our rugged indoor / outdoor rodent bait stations for rats and mice feature a tamper resistant single key locking mechanism for easy service. At an average service time of 16 seconds, the Techni-Baiter cuts service time of traditional rat bait stations in half! Each rodent station is serviced from a standing position. The Techni-Baiter eliminates the fatigue from bending, squatting and kneeling associated with traditional rodent stations. For clients interested in rodent control solutions that don't use bait, the Techni-Baiter rodent station also accommodates traditional jaws-style snap traps for non-baiting strategies to control rats and mice.

Rat & Mouse Bait Stations

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