New! Part: E-11 Reservoir Funnel Receiver

  • Newly redesigned reservoir receiver with funnel design.
  • Smoothed edges allow for easier dust flow.
  • Can replace old-style reservoir receivers.
  • Easy installation.

WARNING: Do not attempt to open the Exacticide for repair unless your warranty has expired. Tampering with the unit will void your warranty.

For units manufactured before 2015 (Exacticides with white reservoir receivers and/or serial numbers lower than 3000; the serial number is located below the flow control dial on the Exacticide if it has one) please contact us at at before purchasing this part to ensure it is compatible with your unit.

If you encounter a problem with our exterminator products, please give us a call and we will give you instructions on where to send the unit or help you diagnose the issue. Please note that we are not always able to diagnose problems over the phone with perfect accuracy, but we can help you identify if it's a quick fix that you can perform or if it needs to be sent into our shop for repair.

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