Exacticide Dusters

Whether you're looking into your first Exacticide or wanting to add to your collection, we have a solution for you. To assist your shopping experience, here is a brief overview of the Exacticide package options:
The Exacticide "Legacy Entry Model" is a great option for getting started. The kit provides everything you'll need to begin using your Exacticide. This is the older model and does not allow you to adjust the amount of dust used for each job, although it can be upgraded down the road if you decide you’d like more control. If you would like to adjust the dust flow right away, please look into our Precision Flow Control (PFC) models. Despite not having PFC, it still holds its ground as an incredibly effective and versatile tool, and we offer a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee so you can try it out, risk free. 

The Exacticide PFC Standard Kit is our most popular option. This provides the same tools and Satisfaction Guarantee as the "Legacy Entry Model," but with the addition of the Precision Flow Control (PFC) needed to use only the amount of dust necessary for each job. As our most popularly purchased option, you can select this product with the peace of mind that many other businesses are seeing great results with it, and you will too. 

The Exacticide PFC Deluxe Package is the best option if you don't want to worry about running out of power on the job. It includes everything in the Standard Kit and the Satisfaction Guarantee, plus an extra battery at 40% off the normal price, and our new Dock-style Battery Charger to make it easier to charge your batteries. Many Exacticide users come back for an additional battery soon after beginning to use their Exacticide, so we offer this great deal to save you even more time and money upfront.
All Exacticides will arrive in a case with their listed battery, wand, and canister accessories, as displayed. Additional and replacement accessories and attachments are also available for purchase.

Exacticide "Legacy Entry Model"
Exacticide "Legacy Entry Model" from $499.00
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Exacticide Battery Powered Duster - Standard Kit
Exacticide Battery Powered Duster - Standard Kit from $615.00
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Exacticide PFC Deluxe Package (2 Batteries + Dock-style Charger)
Exacticide PFC Deluxe Package (2 Batteries + Dock-style Charger) $669.00
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