E-24 10% off Exacticide Extension Bundle

E-24 10% OFF Exacticide Extension Bundle includes: 

  1. 18ft Extension Hose
  2. One Pack of 5 Wand Extenders
  3. 6ft Hose Extension


One 18ft Extension Hose

  • The 18ft kit comes in 3 sections of 6ft hose.
  • Plastic adapters are included to secure the hose to a telescopic pole (pole not provided).

One E-15 Pack of 5 Wand Extenders (12"). 

  • Double your Exacticide power duster's reach for even easier use.

    One E-31 Additional 6ft Hose Extension

    • Extend your reach further by adding the E-31 to the E-32 to reach even higher for bee work. 


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