5% off Bundle Deal: Exacticide Standard Kit + Tech-Reach Bait Pro

Get 5% off when you purchase this Exacticide duster bundle for sale at Technicide. Included in the Bundle:
          a) Exacticide Standard Kit. Comes with carrying case
          b) Tech-Reach Bait Pro. without Gun


The most efficient way to get in every crack and crevice quickly and without physical strain.

Ant or Roach Service Protocol 


  1. Eliminate infestation of Roaches/Ants that have already entered the premises. Using the Exacticide Electric Duster apply a fine layer of dust to all cracks, crevices and voids at the infested area as well near water pipe, electrical penetrations etc. This method may also be used for prevention where applicable.
  2. Using the Tech-Reach Bait Pro apply bait gels at plumbing and electrical penetrations and near food source adjacent to ant trails or harborages. 

Exterior:  Elimination and prevention

  1. Using the Exacticide and the 2-6ft extension pole with 6ft hose, inject dust into cracks including exterior wall penetrations leading into the structure. Don’t forget eves and attic vents.
  2. Using the Exacticide with 12inch wand or 24inch fiber pole, apply fine granules around the foundation of the structure, in flower beds, along walkways and long the perimeter of the property line. *Where applicable you many need to drill small holes in walls to access voids, especially where Roaches/Ants are the target pest. 

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