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Exacticide & Tech-Reach Bait Pro

The Exacticide electric battery powered duster is the most innovative dust and fine bait applicator available for ant treatment. This hand-held, battery powered dusting device efficiently applies both products with ease and extreme precision making ant treatments more effective than ever before.

For years, we’ve had fine granule ant baits and dusts but lacked an efficient way to apply these ant control products, until now. The Exacticide pest duster for ant treatment applies both products with ease and precision thanks to a multi-speed flow control dial. Load the Exacticide with a quick-change canister and you're ready to terminate just about any ant infestation.

This proven applicator system is ideal for interior and exterior applications. Cracks, crevices and other hard to reach areas are now simple targets with the plastic applicator wand. No need for a ladder, additional wands are available to extend the reach of the Exacticide. The Exacticide's durable construction ensures daily use for many years to come. The Exacticide duster comes with a 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. We believe you’ll find it to be an essential tool that not only save you time and money, but will raise customer satisfaction as well.


The Tech-Reach Bait Pro bait gun extension is a fantastic new tool in the fight against ants. Our 24" inch bait gun extension gives technicians the ability to reach far above, behind and around obstacles to get deep into ant harborages. No bait is wasted because the bait tube attaches on the end of the 24" extension.

Ant Treatment with Technicide

Following these steps will enable you to have success eliminating ants.

Interior Treatment

  1. Eliminate infestation of ants that have already entered the premises. Using the Exacticide Electric Duster apply a fine layer of dust to all cracks, crevices and voids at the infested area as well near water pipe, electrical penetrations etc. This method my also be used for prevention where applicable.
  2. Using the Tech-Reach Bait Pro apply Bait gels at plumbing and electrical penetrations and near food source adjacent to ant trails.

Exterior Treatment

  1. Using the Exacticide and the 2-6ft extension pole with 6ft hose, inject dust into cracks including exterior wall penetrations leading into the structure. Don’t forget eves and attic vents.
  2. Using the Exacticide with 12inch wand or 24inch fiber pole, apply fine granules around the foundation of the structure, in flower beds, along walkways and long the perimeter of the property line.

*Where applicable you many need to drill small holes in walls to access voids, especially where carpenter ants are the target pest.


Clear Exacticide delivery system and 2-6ft pole extension hose by turning the Exacticide upside down then squeeze the trigger while placing the tip into the last treatment area. This process will allow only air to blow through the system clearing out dust residue.


Ant Treatment Equipment

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