August 11, 2016


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Some ant species exhibit traits of shared-dominance

Summer is in full swing, which means one thing: ants. It’s likely you’ve been getting calls to deal with these pesky insects. Fortunately, researchers have come a little closer to understanding their behavior, and determining how these creatures behave and communicate.

queen ant

Researchers at Arizona State University’s School of Life Sciences published a new study examining how the ant “pecking order” shakes out. Did you know that ants exhibit dueling behavior within their colonies, but that it isn’t always a single individual who wins out?

What the researchers were trying to determine was whether or not there is a way for ants to express aggression without it resulting in a winner and a loser. Through the use of a computer model, they were able to make an interesting determination regarding the social structure of the Indian jumping ants.

In these ants, when the colony’s queen dies, the female workers begin a series of ritual fights to determine who the next queen will be. While fierce, the duels rarely result in actual physical injury to the ant. By the time the ritual concludes, a group of around 10 workers will establish their dominance over the rest and essentially become a ruling council of queens over the rest of the colony. The researchers referred to these groups at “gamergates.”

Not all ant colonies operate in such a fashion. Though more research must be done, the majority of ant societies rely on a top down pecking order where a single individual holds sway over all others.

Will we find other, more fascinating methods of ant communication as we continue to study individual species? Only time, and more research, will tell.

How to get rid of pests right now—for good—with a power duster

eliminate bedbugs

“Is the Exacticide power duster safe for children, pets or employees—and what about long-term exposure?” This is the second question people ask about the pest control products put down by the Exacticide electric dust applicator. The first, of course, is “How do I get rid of these bugs right now?”

In homes and workplaces today, people are more and more concerned about the safety of their environment. We give more attention to the products that surround us and to the effect of long-term exposure to pest solutions. Understandably, people are curious about our power duster, too. But primarily, people have an immediate reaction to the presence of ants, silverfish, termites, bedbugs or, worst of all, cockroaches, whether in their homes or in their workplace. They want to know how to get rid of bed bugs and other pests permanently. They want them gone, once and for all, in a way that won’t endanger themselves, their children or their pets. In the workplace, people want a pest solution that won’t require the use of chemicals that require a safety data sheet and training programs for handling hazardous substances. In both settings, more people are turning to the power duster for a safe and effective pest solution.

The solution: The power duster

Dust insecticides are government-approved for use indoors as well as outdoors because they can be applied in areas where insects and other pests hide: cracks, crevices, spaces behind baseboards, walls and places between the fibers of carpet pile. These are areas where people and pets generally can’t reach but where insects like to hide, congregate, search for food and reproduce. And the Exacticide electric power duster is the ideal applicator for putting dust and fine bait exactly where you need it.

With an innovative multi-speed dial for flow control and a flexible applicator wand, the Exacticide can be used in almost every environment. It can handle any kind of dust or fine bait, and its quick-change canisters allow you to treat just about any kind of pest infestation. In fact, this handheld device is so versatile, you can handle all of your pest-control jobs with this one piece of equipment. Apply the dust in wall voids, under the false bottoms of cabinets and book cases, and across any path insects are using to enter your home or building.

Don’t bother spreading it over the top of baseboards or in a wide area under a cabinet—bugs will just walk around this. Find where they hide and treat them there. Safe and permanent dusts come ready to use, so there’s no mixing or diluting required. This makes them safer for technicians to use. Because pest-control dust goes into tiny areas that bugs frequent, they’re much safer than sprays or liquids. In addition, dust lasts much longer — up to a year.

For example, bedbugs go deep not only into bedding but also into carpets between the fibers. The Exacticide Carpet Applicator pushes pest-control dust deep into the fibers to prevent bedbugs from migrating across the room. The Paint Brush Applicator allows technicians to “paint” a fine layer of dust into cracks, crevices, the edges of mattresses and between sofa cushions, as well. Once they treat a surface with a power duster, they can guarantee customers they won’t get a re-infestation of the same kind of pest.

For those high areas or hard-to-reach spots, such as between walls, under floors or inside attics, the Fiber Pole kit includes a six-foot hose extension and an attachment for a flashlight to free up your technician’s hands.

The power duster solution
The duster is safe to use, and our dust is safe to apply. It’s a permanent solution to pest infestations. The Exacticide Power Duster is the ideal tool for solving your clients’ pest infestations quickly, safely and permanently.

Our reaction to ants, bedbugs and other pests is the same: “Get rid of them now—for good.” Now you can offer your customers a guaranteed pest solution with help from the Technicide suite of pest solutions.

May 21, 2016


Gluten Free Technicide Equipment

Many food Manufactures are claiming Gluten Free even when their product never had gluten in the first place.
Seems like a marketing scam to me. Everything Technicide claims is field proven for over 28 years. And yes there has never been Gluten in our products and there is not now. 

  Exacticide Deluxe Kit 

                                  $662.00 *Two Batteries




Tech-Reach Bait Pro




$124.00 Case of 8 stations




October 16, 2014


Gina, Nature’s Way Natural Pest Control, Inc.

My name is Gina and together with my husband we own Nature’s Way Natural Pest Control.  We have been in business since 1999 and we have tried a lot of equipment over the years, but none has compared to the efficiency, durability, dependability and versatility of the

​Exacticide duster.  We now have several Exacticide ​dusters that we use daily in our natural treatment services that are in excess of 8 years old and still working in perfect condition.  The Exacticide requires very little care and it is easy to service and clean with just a little compressed air.  The Exacticide has paid for itself 100 times over. 

If you ever happen to have any issues with the tool, all you have to do is send it back to Technicide and they will repair it and return it to you with as little downtime as possible.  With all the Exacticide's I own, I have only had to send one back once over the past 8 years since I have been using them. 

Jim and the Technicide team are always there to assist you in any way they can and most important, they are honest and trustworthy and in this day and age, you know that that is a rare find.  If you are not using the Technicide I suggest that you purchase one and see just how your business efficiency and profits improves.  They have a risk free guarantee that is real.  You will not regret it.


October 10, 2014


Lee Brown. State of the Art Pest Control

"When I first saw the Exacticide I bought it---reluctantly---as I am Scotch, Irish, and a Doubting Thomas at heart.  
I have relied on it heavily the last year, and have not only become a believer, but I would not be without it now.  
My product costs have been cut in half and it is reliable, dependable, and can't be pried out of my hands, now!".

July 11, 2013


Dust is a must!

We Learned the hard way that, Dust is a Must! 

One of the most difficult accounts for pest control is a commercial Kitchen and when you have promised TOTAL pest eliminations you better deliver, or it is all for FREE. My crew arrived at the account at 12:00am on a Sunday to take care of an account that complained of seeing German Roaches in the dishwashing area. The standard protocol at the time was to work all the cracks and crevices with an pyrethrum atomization machine, to flush and locate the problem spots. This dish area was 10x10x10 with stainless steel wall covering from floor to ceiling. It was old and had been opened many times by the plumber. We found Roaches in every crack, once we hit it with the pyrethrum 100s would come running out. We work for two hours with two guys, within the dishwashing area, roaches where falling from the ceiling. Finally a residual was applied to the all the cracks and crevices and the jobs considered finished for the night. The Tech's left feeling that they had done a great job and the problem was eliminated. 7 days later a follow-up inspection was performed and nothing had changed. 100's of Roaches where running everywhere. So the same process was repeated. 7 days later another follow-up inspection and nothing has changed. The same process was once again repeated 2 more hours. 7 days later the lead tech returned for another inspection and low and behold nothing had changed. This Tech remembered hearing what the definition of "insanity" is, "doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. New game plan, He decided to dust all cracks and crevices, drill holes in wall voids. He spent 30 mins and left. He returned 7 day later and found 100% elimination. The account stayed pest free from then on. Dust is a Must!

June 28, 2013


Dave Hanneman, Badgerland Pest Control, WI

I’ve used other dusters in the past, and the Technicide equipment applies the most even amount of dust for applications.  Technicide is my #1 tool for bed bug control.  I would recommend Technicide to everyone in the pest control industry.