Win customers for life while others lose them to you!

"I just tackled a massive systemic paper wasp job that another company tried for three years to get under control.  I used my Exacticide duster with the pole kit and dusted every nook and cranny.  It would not have been possible with a hand duster.  I even did the eaves...

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Don’t take chances, don’t get stung!

"I just ordered my second Exacticide. Before buying my first Exacticide PFC, I was stung 61 times treating wasp/hornet nests. Last season with my Exacticide PFC, I treated 12 buildings in one day and didn’t get stung once. The Exacticide is a phenomenal tool I will never...

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Is the Exacticide Safe to Use?

The Exacticide battery powered duster is the ideal solution for dealing with infestations of the most common household pests, whether insects or rodents. But many homeowners have a question: "How do you get rid of household pests without endangering children and pets?"

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March 15, 2017


Why the Exacticide electric duster makes a great year-round tool

Winter is here, which generally means fewer bugs are invading our homes and offices. But don’t put away your Exacticide electric duster and insecticide dust. There are still pests that will try to shelter from the cold by invading your clients' home. Exacticide tools can help...

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Who is Technicide?

Our founder, Jim Harper, has over 30 solid years of industry experience in pest management, and he grew up in a family that worked in the pest control industry. His professional background and engineering education make Technicide the perfect company to help...

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The Exacticide can transform your pest control business

Competition in the pest control industry is thick, so any advantage you can take over the other guys is a step in the right direction. With The Exacticide Duster in your pest control arsenal, you’ll never go back to anything else. What exactly sets this beautiful piece equipment apart from similar pest control dusters? Let’s take a brief look...

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How to help clients avoid bed bug issues after a vacation

The Exacticide electric duster is the best tool in the U.S. to solve bed bug issues. But clients who call in pest control specialists to deal with bed bug issues typically want to know how to avoid having to exterminate bed bugs in the future.

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