The rise of the ants

Pest control companies deal with a lot of different pests. From rats to bats, roaches to raccoons, pest management is no small task. But now it seems there’s a new (tiny) trend on the horizon. Ants.ant holding twig

By the mid-2000s ant work had supplanted cockroach work in many parts of the country. Then, the ant segment began to surpass termite work as the largest area of opportunity in pest control. While much of the ant onslaught can be attributed to warmer-than-average weather patterns, invasive species are creating a huge problem.

Take the Rasberry crazy ant as an example. This ant has been particularly problematic in Texas. The first infestation can be traced back to 2002, but now these erratic pests are practically everywhere.

As long as there is global trade, ant invasions will occur. Wherever there is an exchange of goods, ants usually find a way to hitch a ride. It wasn’t too long ago (in the early 90s) that the importance of some ant populations were even discovered. Since then, ant populations have only increased in size.

The best way to treat an ant infestation is to know the basic biology of your invaders. Contact us today to find out how we can help defeat the tiny invaders.

Jim Harper
Jim Harper


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