Spring is here! Wasps are here! Treat them safely

Wasps and other flying pests can be dangerous to treat. You already know this. Whether you're in a precarious situation on a ladder or in the thick of a wasp nest, it's not a fun or safe place to be in. Not only is the Exacticide safe to use in these instances, it's precisely effective and efficient for spring pest control. Couple it with the extension pole + extension hose + wireless remote kit and it's a product that is unmatched in the treatment of these pests. Learn more about wasp pest control equipment & products from Technicide!

Which way would you rather treat?

Check out this testimonial from a cherished client:

"I just ordered my second Exacticide. Before buying my first Exacticide PFC, I was stung 61 times treating wasp/hornet nests. Last season with my Exacticide PFC, I treated 12 buildings in one day and didn’t get stung once. The Exacticide is a phenomenal tool I will never do another wasp or bedbug job without it!!!!!"

Kyle Stoops 



Jim Harper
Jim Harper


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