Instill Confidence, Reap the reward!

Your customers want to be confident that when they turn their pest concerns over to you that you are going to use the best elimination and prevention technology available today. In short, they want the confidence that pest control companies are going to eliminates their pest concerns, and not put them at risk. 

1. Give them a guarantee that you are going to eliminate any pest infestation on their property. 
2. Back your guarantee with a zero pest tolerance mind set for your organization. 
3. Arm yourself with the most advance equipment and current knowledge available.

Twenty Eight years ago I committed to my customers that I would eliminate any pest infestation present at their property or they would pay me nothing. I put everything on the line, and then developed a zero tolerance philosophy in my company. I developed the Exacticide to support this rock solid commitment and it proved to be the key to our success! Now I share it with you. We were amazingly successful and never had a dissatisfied customer.  All our service protocols where designed and executed around the Exacticide as its key component. The Exacticide facilitated the success of our business and it will for your business. Let me cap. 1. Your customers with have confidence in your business. 2. The service you render with be 100% successful. 3. Your service cost will drop more than 80% producing high profits. Take a look our more recent released products to add more services under your 100% elimination guarantee. I know Pest Elimination and I know Technicians. I put tools in their hands that will boost their ability to succeed.      Thank you for reading my blog Jim Harper

BlasterTech for High Volume dusting i.e. attics, elevator shafts, trash shoots, sewers, Granule spreader for large open area's. 

Jim Harper
Jim Harper


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