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Use a battery powered duster to push back against pests

A battery powered duster is the pest control professional’s most effective and most profitable tool. Although it’s necessary to use the right product to eliminate insects, it’s also critical to put that product in the place where it will be most effective. A battery powered duster is the most effective and efficient pest control tool for doing that.

As the weather warms up, it seems pests are more determined than ever to get indoors. It means more calls to pest control businesses. Our battery powered duster allows you to commit to your customers that you are going to eliminate any pest infestations on their property. You can back that up with a zero-tolerance policy. A duster can make your business more effective and more profitable at the same time.

Insecticidal dust is the proven way to get rid of ants, cockroaches, spiders, wasps, bees, scorpions and other insects.

For complete and permanent elimination, dust has to be pushed into the places where insects and other pests live, eat, rest, nest and reproduce. It’s crucial to treat attics and basements, and the underside of furniture and appliances. But you have to go beyond these easy-to-reach places.

Depending on the type of insect or other pest you’re dealing with, you have to apply dust not only where pests are, but also to the places where pests retreat. This can mean along corners where walls meet ceilings, under cabinets and inside wall voids—the space between wall boards and studs.

Ants and other insects can also fit into, and therefore escape through, tiny cracks and spaces between electrical-outlet plates, light-switch covers and walls, or between walls and baseboards.

Our battery-powered duster applies insecticidal dust as well as fine-granule bait with precision and ease. The control dial enables application at the right flow speed, and the plastic applicator wand reaches into wall voids, cracks, crevices and other hard-to-reach areas.

Treating for specific pests

Treatment of bed bugs requires special attention and equipment such as a battery powered duster. These pests like to hide during the day in fabrics such as clothing, curtains, drapes and even carpet. The Exacticide Bed Bug Carpet Applicator is designed to push dust deep into carpet fibers to stop bed bugs as they migrate toward a bed for a blood meal. The Paint Brush applicator allows you to push dust into mattress edges, between sofa cushions and along cracks and crevices for a thorough treatment.

Wasps, bees and other pests often build nests or homes on eaves or other high, hard-to-reach places. To many homeowners, this means climbing ladders or doing other risky maneuvers. Exacticide has a range of extension hoses and telescopic extension poles that eliminate the need for ladders, making application safer, easier, faster and more profitable for the pest-control professional.

A powerful torch light can be mounted on the applicator wands of the battery powered duster. This makes applying bait or dust in dark areas easier, keeping the technician’s hands free.

The Tech-Reach Bait Pro bait gun is available with a 24-in. extension that allows the technician to reach above, behind and around obstacles to place bait for cockroaches. Bait can be stationed exactly where it’s needed: in those dark and hard-to-reach places, such as under cabinets and near plumbing, where cockroaches hide and nest during the day.

Ants can be difficult to eliminate. This is partly because they’re so numerous but also because they can get in through almost any openings in the walls of a home or building. This includes not only doors and windows but also attic vents, eaves and vents for dryers, fans and appliances. The Exacticide battery powered duster equipped with extension poles and hoses allows the technician to inject dust into these openings and into any cracks or crevices in exterior and interior walls.

The right tools, such as the Exacticide battery powered duster from Technicide, and the right accessories give pest-control professionals the ability to guarantee their work to their customers and boost profits.

Jim Harper
Jim Harper


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