Dust is a must!

We Learned the hard way that, Dust is a Must! 

One of the most difficult accounts for pest control is a commercial Kitchen and when you have promised TOTAL pest eliminations you better deliver, or it is all for FREE. My crew arrived at the account at 12:00am on a Sunday to take care of an account that complained of seeing German Roaches in the dishwashing area. The standard protocol at the time was to work all the cracks and crevices with an pyrethrum atomization machine, to flush and locate the problem spots. This dish area was 10x10x10 with stainless steel wall covering from floor to ceiling. It was old and had been opened many times by the plumber. We found Roaches in every crack, once we hit it with the pyrethrum 100s would come running out. We work for two hours with two guys, within the dishwashing area, roaches where falling from the ceiling. Finally a residual was applied to the all the cracks and crevices and the jobs considered finished for the night. The Tech's left feeling that they had done a great job and the problem was eliminated. 7 days later a follow-up inspection was performed and nothing had changed. 100's of Roaches where running everywhere. So the same process was repeated. 7 days later another follow-up inspection and nothing has changed. The same process was once again repeated 2 more hours. 7 days later the lead tech returned for another inspection and low and behold nothing had changed. This Tech remembered hearing what the definition of "insanity" is, "doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. New game plan, He decided to dust all cracks and crevices, drill holes in wall voids. He spent 30 mins and left. He returned 7 day later and found 100% elimination. The account stayed pest free from then on. Dust is a Must!

Jim Harper
Jim Harper


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