Instill Confidence, Reap the reward!

Your customers want to be confident that when they turn their pest concerns over to you that you are going to use the best elimination and prevention technology available today. In short they want the confidence that you are going to eliminates their pest concerns, and not put them a risk. 

1. Give them a guarantee that you are going to eliminate any pest infestation on their property. 
2. Back your guarantee with a zero pest tolerance mind set for your organization. 
3. Arm yourself with the most advance equipment and current knowledge available.

Twenty Eight years ago I committed to my customers that I would eliminate any pest infestation present at their property or they would pay me nothing. I put everything on the line, and then developed a zero tolerance philosophy in my company. I developed the Exacticide to support this rock solid commitment and it proved to be the key to our success! Now I share it with you. We were amazingly successful and never had a dissatisfied customer.  All our service protocols where designed and executed around the Exacticide as its key component. The Exacticide facilitated the success of our business and it will for your business. Let me cap. 1. Your customers with have confidence in your business. 2. The service you render with be 100% successful. 3. Your service cost will drop more than 80% producing high profits. Take a look our more recent released products to add more services under your 100% elimination guarantee. I know Pest Elimination and I know Technicians. I put tools in their hands that will boost their ability to succeed.      Thank you for reading my blog Jim Harper

BlasterTech for High Volume dusting i.e. attics, elevator shafts, trash shoots, sewers, Granule spreader for large open area's. 

May 21, 2016


Gluten Free Technicide Equipment

Many food Manufactures are claiming Gluten Free even when their product never had gluten in the first place.
Seems like a marketing scam to me. Everything Technicide claims is field proven for over 28 years. And yes there has never been Gluten in our products and there is not now. 

  Exacticide Deluxe Kit 

                                  $662.00 *Two Batteries




Tech-Reach Bait Pro




$124.00 Case of 8 stations




October 16, 2014


Gina, Nature’s Way Natural Pest Control, Inc.

My name is Gina and together with my husband we own Nature’s Way Natural Pest Control.  We have been in business since 1999 and we have tried a lot of equipment over the years, but none has compared to the efficiency, durability, dependability and versatility of the


 duster.  We now have several

​Exacticide ​

dusters that we use daily in our natural treatment services that are in excess of 8 years old and still working in perfect condition.  The


 requires very little care and it is easy to service and clean with just a little compressed air.  The


 has paid for itself 100 times over.  If you ever happen to have any issues with the tool, all you have to do is send it back to Technicide and they will repair it and return it to you with as little downtime as possible.  With all the


 I own, I have only had to send one back once over the past 8 years since I have been using them.  Jim and the Technicide team are always there to assist you in any way they can and most important, they are honest and trustworthy and in this day and age, you know that that is a rare find.  If you are not using the Technicide I suggest that you purchase one and see just how your business efficiency and profits improves.  They have a risk free guarantee that is real.  You will not regret it.


October 10, 2014


Lee Brown. State of the Art Pest Control

"When I first saw the Exacticide I bought it---reluctantly---as I am Scotch, Irish, and a Doubting Thomas at heart.  
I have relied on it heavily the last year, and have not only become a believer, but I would not be without it now.  
My product costs have been cut in half and it is reliable, dependable, and can't be pried out of my hands, now!".

July 11, 2013


Dust is a must!

We Learned the hard way that, Dust is a Must! 

One of the most difficult accounts is a commercial Kitchen and when you have promised TOTAL pest eliminations you better deliver or it is all for FREE. My crew arrived at the account at 12:00am on a Sunday to take care of an account that complained of seeing German Roaches in the dishwashing area. The standard protocol at the time was to work all the cracks and crevices with an pyrethrum atomization machine, to flush and locate the problem spots. This dish area was 10x10x10 with stainless steel wall covering from floor to ceiling. It was old and had been opened many times by the plumber. We found Roaches in every crack, once we hit it with the pyrethrum 100s would come running out. We work for two hours with two guys, within the dishwashing area, roaches where falling from the ceiling. Finally a residual was applied to the all the cracks and crevices and the jobs considered finished for the night. The Tech's left feeling that they had done a great job and the problem was eliminated. 7 days later a follow-up inspection was performed and nothing had changed. 100's of Roaches where running everywhere. So the same process was repeated. 7 days later another follow-up inspection and nothing has changed. The same process was once again repeated 2 more hours. 7 days later the lead tech returned for another inspection and low and behold nothing had changed. This Tech remembered hearing what the definition of "insanity" is, "doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. New game plan, He decided to dust all cracks and crevices, drill holes in wall voids. He spent 30 mins and left. He returned 7 day later and found 100% elimination. The account stayed pest free from then on. Dust is a Must!

June 28, 2013


Dave Hanneman, Badgerland Pest Control, WI

I’ve used other dusters in the past, and the Technicide equipment applies the most even amount of dust for applications.  Technicide is my #1 tool for bed bug control.  I would recommend Technicide to everyone in the pest control industry.

June 28, 2013


Bryan Duncan, D’s Pest Control Lubbock, TX

We have one Exacticide and it is everything you said it would be. Everyone in the company is fighting over it. We need 10 more.